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Freemason's victim tells true story

SECOND FAMILY UK (We are all victims of Freemasonry) No 20.... 2007 Here is a tiny fraction of Joe Stirling’s Story

301 - I rented a unit (on a shoestring) so that I could teach building trades. One of the first bookings was a middle class person who was linked to the FMs via a riding school. After investigation, this person wanted to bring a friend (unknown to me, this person was a health & safety officer) I would have been closed down that week as I didn’t have the funds to set it all up properly, which the Masons knew. I called this person to cancel the booking (due to imaginary problems). I can’t imagine them clearing drains.

302 - This man X is a FM coordinator of psychological persecution and FM theatre. This criminal FM actually believes he is a good respectable member of the community, a man with credibility. He is even in a Residents Association (affluent area). This man and his accomplices are responsible for pure evil, they even used their young children to participate. Lot’s more.

303 - Freemason’s Theatre. Yes, that’s right, this evil actually stages real life events that would look normal to the untrained eye. They are in fact stealthily persecuting a chosen victim and only the target and the masons know what is happening. SF can blow you away with evidence. Masons are the ultimate criminal cowards. Lots more

304 - To any person or Mason who disputes any part of this story. I will sit and talk to any camera. I will take any lie detector test or even the truth drug (even though it has serious side effects) along side any of my enquirers/perpetrators. Come on Masons.

305 - This guy attacked me with a pool que in a London pub for no reason. He kept lifting the black ball (Masonic symbol) and threw it at me twice. I believe this to be another FM set up as it was unprovoked. It was in the Red Lion pub (the Lion is a Masonic symbol). I did not know about Freemasonry at this time, but research brings out lots of truths.

306 - FMs mostly wear skipcaps (baseball style cap) especially when they are out persecuting a victim. This is also a way for them to recognise each other. It is also a disguise and they will swap caps. They will wear them with dark glasses even on cloudy days. When you see old guys wearing them, it’s not because they are being fashionable. Investigate further by the skipcap, his car reg, his house number, his associates, pub/club/garage he uses, etc. Also engagements, weddings and esp. funerals. Lots more.

307 - One summers evening, I was out in a field with my dog (running free) Our dog is a trained family pet, not a trained guard dog. While I was talking on the mobile, an aggressive dog came charging to our dog and immediately after that another dog (Pit Bull Terrier) came to join in. Fortunately they all started to play. This was a FM set - up. The Pit Bull did not have a collar on, so nobody could stop it if their plan worked. This was FM theatre. More.

308 - Here is another FM dog incident. I had just taken the lead off our dog in a safe place. Then this Irish Wolfhound came charging towards us. It was really aggressive and not the sort of dog you would let near other dogs. Nobody would let that dog off it’s lead. Luckily our dog was not phased and returned the aggression to sort it out. The guy came to get his dog and I had a go at him. I also recognised him, but he said we hadn’t met before (Oh, yes we definitely did).

309 - Because of the constant persecution I used to change my vehicle every six months to try to stay ahead of my persecutors. I also changed my appearance regularly. I had spent many years trying to fight an invisible enemy. I thought I had upset a rich family. SF member asked me if I thought I was part of an experiment ? Thinking back, yes, very possible. I did not know about the evil Masons at that time. FMs are always defending the indefensible. We keep getting told there are good Masons out there. Please stop the bullshit that Freemasonry is a good charitable fraternity of men. It’s no less than a criminal organisation. (Read on)

310 - I am presenting you with a tiny part of my story. Now you have to ask the good journalist why they don’t come and talk to me or this victims group. We have sent this (and lots of other items to them) to every MP and Newspaper in the UK. You don’t have to be very clever to realise that they ALL know about it or are part of it. We, the people are SICK TO DEATH of the Lies, Injustice and Corruption. Freemasonry is out of control. It has to stop or no future for the planet and it’s contents. (seriously)

311 - Because I kept changing my vehicles, appearance and movements. The FMs would always send somebody that knew me and like a trusting ignorant fool, I used to say hello and have a chat thinking this was a chance encounter. I did not know this is how the evil FMs work. Dozens of incidents, all documented. Fact... Freemasonry infects everything it comes into contact with.

312 - The FMs have been bullying and persecuting me for decades. They have destroyed everything that I ever started, including friendships, businesses and any credibility. Like most FM victims, I don’t know why I’m on this Freemasons Register Of Revenge

(SF member says it’s called Point Of Polaris). Or I’m bait for the FM training (and to show members what will happen to them if) Anyway, they have made it clear that I am on it for life. Evil FMs leave you with two choices, you can hide behind the sofa and they will get you or you can fight back (as SF does) and they will still get you. So, fight we victims must. I must add that Second Family are very, very satisfied with our fight back (with lots more to come), as you will read. Second Family will do everything we can to expose this LEGAL gang of criminals. They are shafting ignorant victims every day in their courts by their judiciary.

313 - Our family managed to do a house exchange from London to Milngavie (pronounced Millguy) near Glasgow in 1990. I had no idea it should have been called Masonic Millguy as I was in the middle of the stew that the crooked evil FMs were cooking. This is an affluent area and if the law was applied that criminals should have their assets seized, this place would be a ghost town.

314 - One dark damp evening, I was working on my vehicle and this stranger comes over to me. He was very paranoid and started to make out he had mental health problems and came aggressively towards me with his hand inside his coat. He only stopped because I had a hammer in my hand and told him to eff off. He knew I was no mug and staggered away, obviously on drugs. This was a serious dangerous situation. This guy meant business, I now know it was a FM set-up and can prove it. Local FMs involved. This is a rural location and a low crime area. Don’t forget the Mason’s all seeing eye in Masonic Millguy. Lots more.

315 - I am a veteran victim of the Masons. I am part of a victim’s group (SF). We are rapidly learning about Masonic practices and symbols. We know that the obelisk is an Illuminati/Masonic symbol (check online). They have put one right outside the local Masonic Lodge (house of corruption) in Masonic Millguy. Now, the locals (non-Masons) were probably told it was a monument to the West Highland Way (a 100 mile walk/hike). Pull the other trouser leg up. Wait till the locals find out the truth.

316 - Driving on a journey with my wife and young kids. We were looking forward to our holiday when our car went out of control. We shot across other traffic at more than 60 MPH and nearly got hit by a juggernaut before coming to a stop. Definite foul play. Bolts loose, etc. Similar stories (vehicle problems) like this is common within the group. Lot’s more

317 - We’re a dog family and I had no idea that some dog walkers that are talking to me are two people. One is the person they used to be and the one thats left is working for the Masons. Pure evil. They are so over - friendly and nice. You don’t notice that they are getting nosy and asking inappropriate questions. (Not just dog -walkers, they could be anywhere) They prefer to listen. They are also checking your mood to see if their persecution is working (or use the information to persecute you further) All this is reported back to the houses of corruption (the Masonic Lodges) Just wait till you read the documentation on theses freaks.

318 - Another holiday for our family. We only got the first two hours away and the car broke down. When we got towed home (and the holiday totally ruined) One of our friends spotted "grinding paste" ? I didn’t know much about mechanics then or FMs. But I have since found out it’s deliberate sabotage used frequently by FMs and it seizes the engine. The only reason they get away with it is because the general public don’t know about Masons. Never be intimidated by these FM losers. Every dog has his day.

319 - We put in to buy our council house and our mortgage advice agent leaned on us heavily to sign on the line before our insurance and medical records came through. My wife said no chance, she knew we would have lost everything. Anyway, things were not right and we decided to pull out of buying (thank you god) the house. I found out this agent is a Mason, he is still persecuting me. These FM freaks just love to rub salt in. All documented beautifully. (Become your own detective)

320 - Social Work/NHS Masons. My son was diagnosed as having Aspergers Syndrome (Autism). He was the first person in Scotland to be diagnosed. This was a mega-problem as they did not have a pigeon hole (placement) to put him in. This takes us to another huge story on the Masons within Social Work and the NHS. It also exposes how the Mason’s charities work and more.

321 - We the people are SICK TO DEATH of the Lies, Injustice and Corruption. See my story (part 13) on how to stop the Secret Societies from destroying our society. If you are a Mason, you have been conned and used. All FM servants are expendable.A Mason is a person who knowingly destroys peoples lives for self gain. Masons should top being selfish fools/tools for The Illuminati/Bankers/Oil Barons/ World’s Richest Families. You are helping them to control the future. We are all victims of FMry.

322 - Me and my family seriously need protection immediately. I have written to the Masons within Strathclyde Police HQ and SOCA for protection. Their reply was comical and insulting. To us victims, this makes it very clear that Freemasonry is a criminal organisation. Fact.... Masonic Law is above the law. Every Police Station in the UK is a Masonic Lodge.

323 - I’ve been FM watched and persecuted all of my life. Sometimes I think I’m just a rat in the Lab, or I’m bait for FM training (to let Masons know what will happen if ?) We will start to give you other members stories when you have digested this one. The answer.... Join SF or GOODEEZ, it’s run by genuine victims, life is simple, stop the masons and the elite will not have an army of eyes and ears that keeps their crooked empire in control. Get rid of the secret societies and give us transparency. Give us a public register of members (not a list of any other group, we do not know any other criminal network as powerful as the Freemasons).

324 witheld 325 - I really have put my life on the line for this story (through no fault of my own) but I would genuinely say sorry to those closet to me for the danger and emotions that I have put them through. This problem won’t go away, I have to get this story out as they have definitely got to me. I recently attempted suicide. Made me much stronger. FMs can get into your property in minutes, this is common knowledge and has happened to me on many occasions. They don’t steal, they just play psychological games or the electrical items just don’t work anymore. lots of victims evidence. If you have a story, try not to waste valuable time with low level masons, just concentrate on the bigger picture and gather evidence. Document your case and have proof. If it’s verbal, it didn’t happen. The FMs will use any company utility vehicle like British Gas, BT, emergency services etc as an invisible tool to watch or harass targets. Lets get rid of these Masonic Cuckoos. Repeat, get rid of the Masonic Cuckoos. Repeat, get rid of

326 - Some postings you should search for online. "Fighting The Masons For Our FR33DOM" or "Freemasonry Is A Criminal Organisation" or "Freemasons Are The Ultimate Cowards" or "Joe Stirling" or "VOACS" and follow your journey to the truth.

Try not to waste time online, get focused now. Please feel free to copy this story/information to all. Your future depends on it

327 - There’s a lot of Scots in the English parliament. Haven’t you guys sussed it out yet ? Scotland is totally FM infested and they are the FM place-men. Everyone should question authority to ask if any of them are a Masons (this is your right, thats why you pay tax) whether barrister, prime minister, police, military, lawyer, social work, NHS, roadsweeper, etc, all jobs for the boys and no proper qualifications. Do not believe the crap in the Media. Even their journalists can’t come out with the truth otherwise the FMs will pick on them. That’s why you never read anything bad about the evil FMs. I don’t believe in boundaries, all elite invented.

328 - I spent fifteen years taking my two sons (now aged 27 and 30) fishing and camping. We used to take of their pals. Some are FMs (didn’t know at that time). I kept diaries. Our house had the best New Year parties and brilliant outdoor weekends. Treated them like our own, you should see the photo’s/videos. Didn’t know about the ulterior motives. We’re working on stories and as we get stronger as a group, we get more results. Modern technology is excellent and is as good for us as it is for the Masons.

329 - We all seem to think people care, nobody cares. That’s why we are in this mess together. YOU had better start to care about what’s happening, or we all go down together. I love the great outdoors and I seriously can’t tell the difference between the sheep and the people. FMs are above the law. How come the FMs have a phone number to ring if they get into trouble? Not for sheople.

330 - The Masons within the Police Force are the purveyors of extreme evil. They can and do control all of our communications, our emails, our phones and our snail-mail (royal mail). I have done dozens of tests to confirm this practice. I must have been the poorest emergency plumber (registered with the IPHE and good at my job) in the UK. I was spending £8k with Sellow Pages (FM company) and the phones were strangely quiet. I can prove that the FMs controlled 90% of my jobs and enquiries. The FMs within the authorities can divert your calls to anonymous answerphones (using your answerphone message) or the call will just ring out, even though your answerphone was on (check online for Malcolm Kennedy). My house is bugged, my car, van is bugged. They even track me while I am out with my dog, they use GPS on my dogs microchip (dozens of tests done). I wrote to Strathclyde Police HQ to ask if they had been tracing me or my families calls/mobiles/landline/vehicles/electronic images, etc. They wrote back to say they could not confirm or deny ? I am not a criminal or a terrorist. But I am a victim of a legal gang called The Criminal Freemasons. I can go nowhere without their company, test me, anytime. Don’t worry they will not hurt you, the last thing Freemasonry needs is more negative press. But, they will try a car accident ? or beware of the NHS. This is Freemasons territory.

331 - Freemasons will ostracise (isolate) you. They were your pretend friend anyway. They do it to their victims and other Masons who have left this bunch of crooks. They make you a prisoner in your own home, just like me. We badly need protection.

332 - We have affiliated our group to some similar groups in the USA. Unfortunately the Americans think it’s all sorts of agencies and government departments thats doing the persecution. Yes, they’re right, but it’s the Masons within these departments. A lot of Americans have been hypnotised into thinking the FMs are good. That’s what evil hides behind, "good". To understand Freemasonry you have to understand there is the Outer Organisation (which is perceived to be good) and the Inner Organisation which is undiluted evil. Lower Masons believe there is nothing above the Third Degree Masons. Checkout online for Bill Schnoebelen, he’s an American/Canadian ex - Mason who reached the 90th degree. Also checkout Mike Restivo’s story (USA).

333 - I have an idea. Let’s start a secret society called "GOODEEZ" and work just like the Masons. The only difference is that GOODEEZ is transparent and has no ulterior motives. It will be run by victims of this corrupt society so that we can use our expertise to stop any wrong doing. We will add this group to our already established Second Family victims group. It’s free.

Anyone want to join/help/support us ? Or you can look back in history when you had your last chance of FR33DOM. (serious)

334 - We at SF have already revealed the FMs favourite/symbolic numbers (online) that they use in their Vehicle reg’s, phone numbers and house numbers. We kinda wondered how many crooked FMs have changed their numbers since this expose ?

335 - I recently attemped suicide. My statement "Not because of family domestics/paranoia/depression or cry for help" I done it because I know the truth and nobody was listening. I also know that if nobody listens then there is no one to help. I’m stuck with this FM persecution for life (wish I knew who or why these FM freaks put me on their revenge register). Anyway, I decided to try to bring a bit of FM exposure by tying the knife to two balloons. I knew the balloons would get carried away with the tide (no evidence)and they would find my body with a slit throat. The Doctor said I was half a centimeter away from my aorta. Just to rub salt into my wound, we were stopped by the FM Police on the way back from the hospital. Evil bastard gave me a half smile. Do you think the suicide and blame was wrong ? I am already risking my life (so are other activists, some lost) for the ignorant masses.

336 - This is October 2007 and I’m still getting 24/7 FM persecution, I hope to live long enough to get this massive story out. Society needs this story badly. You can bring down Freemasonry just by investigating this and other victims stories. I will not write about the things I can’t prove. Ideally, it would be better to try these crooks in front of an independent court/audience. (+cameras)

337 - Charity. Here’s another Freemason’s Myth. Their Masonic media say they give lots to charity ???? Yes, to Masonic charities. It is a self perpetuating money spinner. You see, the Illuminati own the Media and everything you see, read or hear comes from their point of view. So, when they tell you they are a wonderful charitable fraternity of men (Yes mate, was that a rasperry or flatulence ? still stinks). Have you got it yet ? Incidentally, I’m entitled to feel angry, 35 years of persecution and still counting.

When is the penny going to drop for you ? You just don’t get it, do you ? Your comfort zone cannot last. You have to be an idiot to think this problem will go away. You’d better start fighting today or sit and wait for the remote controlled planes, too late ? 9/11

337 - Local guy in professional job meets up with me (off duty ?) and befriends me. I had recocnised him as a FM perp. This is what the FMs do, they try to make out everything is normal. We walked the dogs up to where he hadn’t been since he was a kid. You wouldn’t have a clue that this evil was wanting close to my conversation and feelings so that he could run back to the lodge. This guy also watched some of his accomplices who double park on a bend (stick with me) to dish out more FM persecution.

This person would use the works vehicle and fellow Masons to further psychologically persecute me. I’d love to ask this freak about how confident he was, knowing his pretend brothers were there to be his witness, should anything go wrong. More

338 - Another young FM terrorist within the community. Sent to persecute me in summer 200? Got all the info here, dates times reg’s and description or was it a photo? Needs further investigation, he’s young and will spend a lifetime doing the same to FM victims. Remember that when we produce the evidence, we don’t have to prove nothing, we just locate and film/follow him doing his persecution to other FM victims. Also track his future missions/lodge/accomplices/coordinator, etc. (Petrie & Co, See part 11)

339 - Evil FM professional called me. Price was quoted and agreed. A good job done and this guy just refused to pay me. I could not afford to sue him. Another FM lawyer confident of the crooked gang behind him. These bastards abuse their power willy nilly.

340 - We are all over the internet asking for the top Masons to come forward to talk to us in front of live cameras and an independent audience. We contacted UGLE (United Grand Lodge Of England) GLOS (Grand Lodge Of Scotland) and the top Masons at Rosslyn Chapel, without reply ? This offer is still available. Are there any good Masons out there ? Hello ?

341 - Guy calls me and said his boss (MP) likes what I have put online and could I come to Manchester to pick up some cash for our victims group ? He said I could recognise him in a denim jacket with a white carnation on the lapel. So I checked online for "Masonic white carnation" and it came up as to be worn only in the lodge. I called him back to say I didn’t want Masonic egg on my face. He denied it and started getting a bit ... It’s OK Michael (that’s what he called himself) I recorded it for you. Lot’s more

342 - I recently found out my best mate of 35 years is an evil Mason (another horrible story). That got me right in the pit of the gut.

343 - I meet a guy who runs an injustice group who I think is a fellow victim. So like a fool I trust this guy and find out some months later he was a Mason and so was the injustice group This is how the Masons operate, to protect their plunder. Lots more

344 - My teeth were fine and no problems. I left my local dentist to register with a dentist who I thought was OK. He gave me three fillings and said I needed three more. Before I had the next three fillings done, I went straight back to my old dentist for a check up and they said everything’s fine, we’ll see you in six months ? I later found out this guy is a Crooked Freemason. He is still practicing. This evil should be investigated, there must be hundreds of his victims. Plus more being done every day.

345 - My eldest son suffers from Autism and we had a really bad time from social work and had no idea at that time about Freemasonry. These crooks played a major part in our family’s persecution. Large story of outrageous corruption. This evil uses those closest to you to persecute you. When it comes to money and following orders, Freemasonry knows no boundaries.

346 - The crooked FMs have a profile on everybody. You gave them this information through trust, ie doctors, police, councils DWP, etc. These crooks have placemen everywhere in every department you can think of. They know who to shaft and when.

347 - Dave ?effrey. This was the last person I trusted. This is pure evil. I spent two hours in my van telling this guy my story of Masonic persecution and we were both in tears. When we got out of the van, he gave me a long hug. This is a religious man who always talks about the (Big Man Upstairs) referring to God who will sort this evil out. Guess what, this bastard turned out to be a Freemason/Round Table member. Everything I told him went straight back to the lodge. I can still hear the Masons laughing.

349 - We lived in a Masonic Cul De Sac (called Watt Place, very symbolic to FMs) and can tell you hundreds of stories with back up (diaries +) including things stolen (this place is safe, you can leave your car doors open all the time) Also high number of slow punctures. My immediate neighbour was the brother of the top policeman in Strathclyde, both FMs. The Masons know when your house is empty, they have eyes n’ ears everywhere and they track our car and mobile phones (each of our phones). I can now clarify hundreds of incidents. I couldn’t understand how I got FM company as soon as I took my dogs out. (Peregrine Joe)

350 - Remember Gollum in (Lord Of The Rings) where he covers his ears and says "not listening, not listening" As long as the public keep covering their ears when you mention Freemasons, we’ve got no chance. Listen to us as a group of Masonic victims. You had better waken up, this will not go away and it’s going to get seriously worse. The Masons are the brainwashed foot-soldiers for The Illuminati (or call them Oil Barons, Bankers or world’s richest families) they are Mason’s puppet masters and they have a plan. It’s called the New World Order (or Global Government) and these brainwashed Masons WILL follow orders. If you know a Mason and you think they are lovely, wonderul people. Just ask yourself where you think their loyalties lie ? To you, the planet or the Brotherhood ? Stop reading this now and join/help/support SF. Do something or the evil FMs win.

351 - If you do not believe me or you think any of this story is fabricated, then I don’t have a problem to speak the truth to any videocam, lie detector or even truth drug (even though the truth drug has serious side effects). I can back up everything here and with evidence. Then we will present the next Second Family victim’s story. This is a tiny, tiny fraction of my story. Read online.

Common Purpose, the new face of Freemasonry

COMMON PURPOSE The Freemason's Unelected Power! (All part of the NWO/Global Government plans)
Common Purpose (CP) - a hidden menace in our government and schools

Common Purpose is the glue than enables fraud to be committed across government departments to reward pro European politicians. Corrupt deals are enabled that put property or cash into their pockets by embezzling public assets.

Although it has 80,000 trainees in 36 cities, 18,000 "graduate" members and enormous power, Common Purpose is largely unknown to the general public.

It recruits and trains "leaders" to be loyal to the directives of Common Purpose and the EU, instead of to their own departments, which they then undermine or subvert, the NHS being an example.

Common Purpose is identifying leaders in all levels of our government to assume power when our nation is replaced by the European Union. Unlike current leaders, CP leaders are taught to rule without democracy, and will bring the EU police state home to every one of us.

It has members in the NHS, BBC, the police, the legal profession, many of Britains 7,000 quangos, local councils, the Civil Service, government ministries, Parliament, and it controls many RDA's (Regional Development Agencies).

Cressida Dick is the Common Purpose senior police officer who authorised the "Shoot to kill" policy without reference to Parliament, the law or the British Constitution. Jean de Menezes was one of the innocents who died as a result. Her shoot to kill policy still stands today.

Common Purpose trained Janet Paraskeva, the Law Society's Chief Executive Officer. Surprising numbers of lawyers are CP members. It is no coincidence that justice is more expensive, more flawed and more corrupt. And no surprise the courts refused to uphold the law, when a challenge was made to the signing of the six EU treaties, which illegally abolish Britain's sovereignty.

Common Purpose is backed by John Prescott's "Office of the Deputy Prime Minister" (ODPM), and its notional Chief Executive is Julia Middleton. The Head of the Civil Service Commission is a member

It is close to controlling Plymouth City Council, where is has subverted the democratic process. Local people cannot get CP's corrupt activities published, because the editors of local papers are in CP, and refuse to let journalists publish the articles.

CP started in 1985; in the 1990’s, with its members' cross departmental influence, it was involved with what then became the disasterous New Millennium Dome Company and the squandering of £800 million; it appears £300m of this was diverted into the web of quangos set up by CP. There is a fraud case over this, stalled in the courts thanks to CP's influence in the legal profession.

Over £100 million of our money has been spend on CP courses alone, and its been hidden from the public. No published accounts, and members names are a guarded secret. It charges substantial figures for its courses. Matrix for example costs £3,950 plus VAT, and courses for the high flying ‘leader’ can be as much as £9,950 plus VAT. This money is ours, paid by government departments financing senior staff to become agents for CP, instead of loyal to their own jobs.

Common Purpose International (Ltd by guarantee) is registered as a Charity No 1056573 and describes itself as being involved in Adult education. Some charity.

Common Purpose - training our future EU rulers - continued

Potential Common Purpose subjects are ‘selected’ for training. Are they susceptible to being converted; are they in the right job, with the right colleagues and friends? Do they have power, influence and the control of money? If the candidate has some, or all of these key attributes, then the local Common Purpose Advisory Board decides if they can do the course.

Trained leaders are encouraged to act as a network, enable other members' plans, and have meetings under the so called Chatham House rules. This effectively means their statements are not attributable to them, nor can attendees reveal information heard at a Common Purpose meeting.

Council Officers are having quasi secret meetings with, for example, property developer Common Purpose friends. No agendas and no minutes. Common Purpose Graduates from the public quango sectors such as the Regional Development Agencies attend, and have the power to award large sums of public money to projects.

It is the worst national example of cronyism, closed contract bids, fraud and corruption. And unseen to the general public.

Common Purpose undermines traditionally effective and efficient government departments with an overwhelming influx of new language, political correctness and management initiatives. The talk is of empowering communities, vision, mainstreaming (sucking EU money into a project to sustain it), community empowerment, working partnership, regeneration and celebrating diversity etc etc. Documents appear about change, and reorganisation. In time confusion rules, and things don’t seem to work properly. Management decisions are made that seem stupidly destructive. The organisational performance becomes sluggish. Undermining the NHS is Common Purposes' biggest success so far.

David Cameron, who is pro Europe, uses the language of Common Purpose; he has appointed Ken Clarke, the most committed of the pro Europeans, in charge of his “Democracy Taskforce” - rather like putting the cat in charge of the safety of mice.

Common Purpose specifically targets children from the age of 13, and more recently younger, for special leadership and citizenship training. Yes, it is active in schools, and again the average parent has no idea.

People have contacted us to speak of their experiences with Common Purpose. A common theme is its all sweetness and light, until you fail to follow the direction set by the CP leadership.

Then interesting things happen. Ladies in particular have been bullied at work, some have lost their jobs, some have become paranoid and depressed at the pressure from people ganging up on them.

A typical story is a husband describing the decline in his wife from the time she becomes a Common Purpose graduate. Loss of sparkle, enthusiasm, anxious and ‘changed’, and she initiated a divorce.

Other Common Purpose people lie when they are challenged as to their involvement.

Common Purpose candidates are given a two day residential course in which they are ‘trained’ in a closed residential environment, such as a small hotel. They are encouraged to reveal significant personal information about themselves, such as their likes, dislikes, ambitions and dreams. Discussions are then controlled by the course leaders. Some participants have likened this to Delphi technique or the application of group psychology such as Cognitive Dissonance or brainwashing.

If you suspect Common Purpose is active in your organisation, or see a pattern of incredibly bad decisions, money being wasted, notice bullying, fraud, or threats, note the names of those involved (we've tracked down over a thousand) and please contact us. And publish the truth about Common Purpose as widely as you can.

All that matters regarding the EUropean Soviet, which is Increasingly forming itself as a Supra National Power is: WHAT is the Exit & Survival strategy for Britain?

'Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.' Sun Tzu

'To achieve One World Government it is necessary to remove from the minds of men their individualism
their loyalty to family traditions and national identification.' Brock Chisholm, when Director of the UN WHO

Regards, Greg L-W. Greg Lance - Watkins, EUroRealist THE MIDNIGHT GROUP

This valuable truth is forwarded to you by (to help and educate each other)
More clear evidence on You Tube and Google, search for for Brian Gerrish/Common Purpose
Or checkout David Noakes brilliant (comprehensive) website at Or contact any above.

Please forward this information to every unsuspecting victim everywhere.
Sincerely yours, Joe Stirling (Veteran victim of Freemasonry) I am non-political, religious, capitalist or blind.

Incidentally, a copy of this has gone to every MP and Newspaper (large and small) in the UK. This is done so that none of you can say you didn't know. Now stop dithering and do what you know is right for us all.

Freemasonry is a Criminal Organisation

Freemasonry is a Criminal Organisation

A Freemason is a person who knowingly destroys peoples lives for self gain.

Freemasons portray themselves as a good charitable fraternity of men. They own the media so they get to say what they want. They have infiltrated all of society. It is nothing less than an international money making scam (same as the crooked pyramid schemes). Did you know that the ninth degree Masons take their vows to kill for Freemasonry ???? some charity. Masons are also the NWO's foot-soldiers. All secret societies, orders and cults are as one (intertwined) with this evil human virus called "Freemasonry".

In defence of most Masons, they were conned in the first place. They were led to believe it was a good fraternity of men, then they were hoodwinked and threatened with violence. If they had known this before they joined, nobody would have anywhere near them. Masons are trapped into this extreme evil, they are too scared to talk freely. They have become FM slaves and most have become crooked benefactors.

This information is brought to you by Second Family (UK), a support/pressure group for victims of Freemasonry. We are not a hate or revenge group, only peaceful campaign for change and to educate 90% of the world. One Mason will lead you to all other Masons in business/politics/authorities and at social events,
engagements, weddings and funerals.

We at SF recently contacted UGLE (United Grand Lodge of England) and GLOS (grand Lodge of Scotland) and the top Masons at Rosslyn Chapel and others. We invited this "good charitable fraternity of men" to talk to talk to their victims in front of a live audience and cameras, no response. SF's offer is still available.

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If you would like more info, we have a free regular newsletter, just send a SSAE. You can join us or be our anonymous friend, ex-Masons welcome. All help and info is free, we appreciate donations (You can also donate online) to help fight this common cause. We have proper accounts and every penny accountable.
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If you are happy being controlled by a criminal organisation, you can either sit and take it (colony of cash generators for Freemasonry) or you can join/support Second Family (UK) to fight for your future and freedom. We all have to expose these crooks to everyone, please copy/send/distribute/fax/email this information to as many people as possible.

In the public interest

Did you know that your local Masonic Lodge and the Lodges within the authorities (council/police) are all houses of corruption ? We pay for these. SF have overwhelming proof. Did you also know that "Freemasons Are The Ultimate Criminal Cowards" ?, They collectively persecute people in a way that only the "Masonic Perps" (perpetrators) and their victim know what's happening. Freemasonry uses all races, old and young people, women (Eastern Star - female Masons). When you talk to a Mason, you are talking to two people. This could be your immediate family, best friend, Politician, Doctor, Police, Judge, Armed Forces, Barrister, Emergency Services, etc. Do you think it's right that the Masons are above or abuse the law ????

We at SF have plans to put all victims stories online (no holds barred) for the whole world to see. If you are a crooked Mason and you don't want a mention, you can join or support SF. This will help us to change the world into a better place. We are not into revenge. The practice of Freemasonry must be stopped. How can a person ever trust another fellow human being after learning about this evil ? Society is rotten to the core with this poison.

Here are the Masons symbolic (occultic) numbers 3, 7, 9, 11, 13, 19, 33, 39, 66, 333, 555, 666, 777 and multiples of these, i.e, 956 = 9/11 or 758 = 7/13 or 344 = 3/11 etc. Masons will live at these numbers or in their phone numbers or vehicle registrations. Lots more on how to spot the crooked Masons in our regular free newsletters.

Freemasons are the invisible terrorists within the local community. They could literally clear up crime in 24 hours with the technology available. We pay for it and they get to abuse it. Did you know that 90% of Taxi Drivers are Masons. They see, hear and relay all movement and conversation straight back to the Lodge.

Forget worrying about the I.D. cards and eventual Microchip, your mobile phone is your 24/7 electronic tag. They already know your every move and calls since you bought one. Now, don't get us wrong, we all need security and we do respect the non-Masonic government officials and non-Masonic professional people. Freemasonry is illegal under International Law, Humanitarian Law and Common Sense Law.

We at SF have started sending this information to the neighbours of Masons. We fully intend to name and shame all Masons to their families, friends, neighbours, colleagues and relatives. The FM perpetrators, infiltrators and spoilers deserve their name to go down in history as the most evil, vile, despicable things that ever breathed on this planet. They do not like us doing this, but then, Masons don't mind secretly destroying families for self gain. It is seriously in the public interest to ban the practice of Secret Societies. You, your family and the planets immediate future depends on your knowledge or ignorance. open your eyes.

Freemasonry is such a wonderful organisation and they say they do good in the community (illusion) OK, why do the members have to pay ? why the secrets ? why the evil divide and conquer tactics ? why the vicious fabricated rumours by getting Masons and non-Masons to hate a local targeted victim ? (all local evil Masons watch the victim and their family being destroyed). Masons also say the victim is a brother "gone wrong" so that all the local "pretend brothers" will collectively persecute. This is undiluted evil and can easily be let loose on anyone, top Mason or not. Why can't good be done for free ? Why not the whole community ? instead of chosen candidates (Masons cherry pick their slaves). Second Family (UK) is "FREE" to all.

A Freemason is a fool and a tool to be used by the establishment. There are 5 million Masons worldwide paying money (crooked Masonic businesses pay lots more) to the very wealthy American/Israelis families. This is where the gigantic amounts of cash go every week. What idiot would want to make the rich even richer ? All we can say to Masons is that when you were born, you knew nothing. Why don't you ask your organisation for answers. Beware of one sided answers. Get online and do your own research.

Now here is the really serious part. This is their Achilles. If someone you suspect of being part of this FM criminal organisation, how do you find out ? You can't, the Masons won't tell you, this is their illegal (above the law) protection (UGLE, GLOS and Rosslyn Chapel will ignore your request) SF could help you find out. Why can't we have a public register of Masons ? (SF has one, get our newsletter) we don't want a register of any other group or organisation. There is only one way to stop them and that is to work like them, without the ulterior motives. They just hate the word transparency, it makes them cringe, can't think why. SF is becoming a focused, professional collective. This is why we started Second Family (UK), to help and educate each other, fighting for FR33DOM. The secret societies are inherently wrong and totally unethical.

Incidentally, we send this leaflet and our newsletter to all newspapers, MP's and affiliated groups worldwide. Please remember that we at SF can back up absolutely everything we say. This is why we want a live debate with the FMs. Second Family (UK) hates no one, hatred doesn't work. Unfortunately the Masons defend their trillion, trillion (hugely underestimated) crimes against the planet and it's contents, FMs try to defend the indefensible. They are protecting their plunder. If they are supposed to be a good charitable fraternity of men, why the false taboo ? why are their victims in constant fear for their lives ? and why would they keep taking down every comment or website that reveals or says anything about them ?

On top of all this, Freemasonry is witchcraft. This is common knowledge all over the internet. This human virus is brainwashing people all over the world (especially poor people in desperate countries) every day. This is to protect the world's richest families and bloodlines.

We at Second Family (UK) claim to be the only genuine, independent support group for victims of Freemasonry in the UK. We have nothing to hide and can back everything up no problem at all. If you know any Masons, please forward their details for our "SF's Public Register Of Masons" We will investigate just to make sure there is no malice by other Masons or others. It's not all bad news, everyone on the internet is waking up to this evil, their are huge anti - Mason groups and websites all over the world. Also checkout U-Tube, Google, Guba, etc, or just follow the links SF has given you. Never be intimidated by Freemasonry (false taboo & gobble de gook) if you are not sure, you can always double check with us.

This text is brought to you by Joe Stirling (a founding member of SF) a veteran victim of this evil calculated derangement. I have no idea why I have been persecuted. None of the SF victims know why. But we do have concrete evidence to prove its the Masons. Everyone has the right to reply, please be focused and sensible. Please join or support Second Family (UK) to help us all. SF doing real good in the community

We all have to expose these crooks to everyone, please copy/send/distribute/fax/email this information to as many people as possible. If you do nothing, they win....